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Compiling this list made me realize that most of the cels I'm really looking for are out of the realms of possibilities, but hey, this is called a wishlist, so one can dream !

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Saint Seiya
My favourite character is Saga, and boy is it hard to find cels showing his good side ! If you have one of the following shots, or something approaching, please get in touch. I'm sure we can work something out :) GOT IT !!! Will Give Kidney
Am looking for nice cels of other gold saints, Camus in particular. Very High
I'm looking for a nice cel depicting Gourry dressed as a jellyfish, or Zelgadis as a rabbit, from the hilarious episode 15 of the NEXT season. For those that need to be reminded, this is what they look like : High
UFO Robot Grendizer / Goldorak / Goldrake
Any good shot of Daisuke/Actarus wearing everyday clothes. Also eagerly searching for a shot from the key scene when Daisuke/Actarus is running down the hall to get into Grendizer. I will pay big money ! Very High

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Gallery Created: 6/8/2006
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